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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Marjorie Morgan


February 8 at Noon - Federal News Radio, Expert Voices

Larry Clinton will be featured on this panel that will discuss Advanced Persistent Threats and the industrial strength hacking.

The goal of this discussion is to explore how the threat has evolved, what the implications are for business leaders, government officials, and our society, and an approach to address this growing challenge.

February 14 - ISA Supply Chain Workshop (Host at the Chertoff Group in San Francisco, CA)

The Project on Securing the Electronics Supply Chain is now moving toward a draft of a guidelines document.  The previous workshops in the series have surveyed the practical security measures necessary for the Design, Fabrication, Pre-assembly, Assembly, Distribution, and Maintenance Phases. 

This workshop in this technical series will revisit the points in the previous workshops that need further clarity or elaboration.  The main purpose of this session is to fill in some missing pieces and to sort out some conflicting recommendations. 

We require people with technical expertise, especially regarding some of the security measures in design and fabrication that were tackled early on. 

There will be one additional workshop that is non-technical, devoted to the legal and contractual conditions necessary for implementing the other security measures.

February 15 at 3:40pm - Cyber Catastrophe in the Movies: Realistic Threat or Hollywood Hokum? (A session during the RSA Conference)

Clips from the movies, “Live Free or Die Hard,” “War Games” “Untraceable” “The Net” and “Sneakers” were selected because they display a wide range of cyber events from personal identity theft, to compromises of the electric grid and military installations, and the circumstances which led these events to theoretically being launched.

February 16 at 11:10am - To Do and Not to Do: How to Assess the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk (A session during the RSA Conference)

The session includes a role play illustrating how an enterprise wide risk management process involving HR, legal, communications, the CFO, and IT can lead to a fuller understanding of enterprise cyber risk. 

"ISA's mission is to integrate advanced technology with business economics and public policy to create a sustainable system of cyber security. Core to this notion is that we need to mature our understanding of this issue to appreciate that cyber security is as much an economic and strategic issue as it is an operational technical one. So we are focused on altering the economics of cyber security."

"The main reason we have so many attacks is all the economic incentives currently favor the attackers---attacks are easy, cheap, you can steal billions and your chances of getting caught are slim. If we can increase the cost to the attackers and simultaneously increase the profitability of good cyber defense we believe we can create the sustainable system of cyber security which will make out nation and our economy the envy of the world in the 21st century, just as we were in the 20th century..." - Larry Clinton, ISA President

Read the complete article HERE

March 9 - Cloud Connect (Santa Clara Convention Center)

Cloud Connect brings together the entire cloud eco-system to better understand the transformation we're experiencing and promises to be the defining event of the cloud computing industry.

Larry Clinton will provide a perspective of “what Washington thinks” about the future of Cloud Computing, and what role government should play in its development and use.

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The Internet Security Alliance (ISA) is a unique multi-sector trade association which provides thought leadership and strong public policy advocacy as well as business and technical services to its membership.  The ISA represents enterprises from the aviation, banking, communications, defense, education, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, security, and technology industries.  ISA’s mission is to integrate advanced technology with the realistic business needs of its members and enlightened public policy to create a sustained system of cyber security.

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